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I 1 Musical Echoing - Using Music, Call and Response, Pictures, and Imagination 100 A (Ontario Convention Center)Lonnie Dai Zovi I 2 Comment va la France? 100 B (Ontario Convention Center)Laurel Rohloff I 3 Can They Talk?  Yes, They Can! 103 (Ontario Convention Center)Barbara Peterson I 4 Education Programs of the Embassy of Spain in the United States 106 (Ontario Convention Center)Josu Baque I 5 It's All about the Performance! 105 (Ontario Convention Center)Elizabeth Sacco I 6 Input Output via Persian Workshop Experience 104B (Ontario Convention Center)Ronit Ron-Yerushalmi I 7 Enhancing Language Proficiency and Cultural Awareness in a Mandarin Classroom 107 AB (Ontario Convention Center)Shuliang Hsu I 8 Breaking Down Our Classroom Walls 107 C (Ontario Convention Center)Lauren Camarillo I 9 Comprehensible Input in the Elementary Classroom 200 AB (Ontario Convention Center)Leila Gates-Wai I10 The Quest for Proficiency Begins with the Basics 200 C (Ontario Convention Center)Bill VanPatten I11 Black In Latin America 201 AB (Ontario Convention Center)Tom Beeman I12 You've just been hired! Now what? Relax, it's all about the 6-pack! 202 AB (Ontario Convention Center)Trini Saldana-Platt • Paola Wagner I13 Using Authentic Materials the Internet: It’s Easier Than You Think! 203 AB (Ontario Convention Center)Yasuharu Higure I14 Beyond ¡denme like! Teaching Digital Literacy and Citizenship in Spanish 203 C (Ontario Convention Center)Melissa Marie Strong I15 Teachers Do Less, Students Do More! What’s Not To Like? 204 (Ontario Convention Center)George Truscott Exhibits Open Ballroom A & B (Ontario Convention Center)




J 6 Communication in ACTION! A model communicative classroom LIVE at CLTA (Part 1) 203 C (Ontario Convention Center)Alina Filipescu • Jason Fritze J 1 A Roadmap Creating a Successful Exchange Program 100 A (Ontario Convention Center)Jamye Sharp J 2 True Grit in the World Language Classroom:Empowering Students in Learning 100 B (Ontario Convention Center)Rachel Connell J 3 Real-life Experiences using Authentic Spanish Resources 103 (Ontario Convention Center)Brittany Dean J 4 Integrating the Study Abroad Experience Back in the American Classroom, Curriculum and Community at Large 106 (Ontario Convention Center)Kelly Britt • Sarah Dib • Jessie Hill J 5 Using the Power of Music to Teach Spanish 105 (Ontario Convention Center)Gisela Galvan J 7 Technology Integration and Curriculum Design in Chinese Instruction 107 AB (Ontario Convention Center)Cong-Kai Jin • Chi-Ping Shih J 8 Comment communiquer ? De l’art d’encourager lempétence s élèves à améliorer leur compétence du français 107 C (Ontario Convention Center)Rose Marie Kuhn • Yevgen Zhernovey J 9 Arabic Resource Box 200 AB (Ontario Convention Center)Layla Al-Aloom J10 Brewing Global Competence in the World Language Classroom 104 B (Ontario Convention Center)Janet Mann • Susie Watt J11 Be a Front-Runner in the Profession - We are CLTA 201 AB (Ontario Convention Center)Tanya Zaccone, CLTA Executive Director • Alexis Frink • Angela Martinez J12 National Spanish Examinations: Assessment and Contest 202 AB (Ontario Convention Center)Kevin Cessna-Buscemi J13 Roles of Interpretive Communication: Inferential Thinking 203 AB (Ontario Convention Center)Tomokazu Morikawa J14 A 'Buffet' of Tech ols Make Assessment Engaging and Fun! 200 C (Ontario Convention Center)Marie Bertola • Irena Stefanova   J15 Dictation: Old Exercise, New Methodology 204 (Ontario Convention Center)Joshua Cohen



K 5 Three Steps Awesome Quick Writes (Part 1) 105 (Ontario Convention Center)Scott Benedict K 6 Communication in ACTION! A model communicative classroom LIVE at CLTA (Part 2) 203 C (Ontario Convention Center)Alina Filipescu • Jason Fritze K 8 Not Just a Soundtrack (Part 1) 107 C (Ontario Convention Center)Christine Chesnot K 1 Making Communication Relevant and Engaging Day One! 100 A (Ontario Convention Center)Myriam Louzao K 2 Tourist Traveler: Global Citizenship in Action 100 B (Ontario Convention Center)Lauren Collins • Will Loyd K 3 Collaborative Libraries for Cultural Proficiency 103 (Ontario Convention Center)Brooke Stephens • Aaron Stephens   K 4 Promoting Participation and Communication in Class Through Drama-Based Pedagogies 106 (Ontario Convention Center)Bibiana Diaz K 7 Task-Based Performance Promote Proficiency for Young L2 Learners 107 AB (Ontario Convention Center)Grace Ting K 9 Play, Learn and have Fun using the Arabic language 200 AB (Ontario Convention Center)Nacheda Baroud Tizani K10 Creating Thematic Units and Assessments on Students' Proficiency 104 B (Ontario Convention Center)Armando Castillo • YINSHAN YANG K11 Effective Factors Contributing Dual World Language and Bilingual Programs 201 AB (Ontario Convention Center)Micki Abercrombie-Donahue • Elsie Solis-Chang K12 Viva Vocabulario 202 AB (Ontario Convention Center)Kate Fonken K13 Bringing Up Oral Interpersonal Proficiency Level One In Japanese 203 AB (Ontario Convention Center)Junko Hosoi K14 Visuals in the World Language Classroom 200 C (Ontario Convention Center)Jeanna Hill K15 Integrating Authentic Materials for Full Participation in Italian 204 (Ontario Convention Center)Rossella Pescatori



L 5 Three Steps Awesome Quick Writes (Part 2) 105 (Ontario Convention Center)Scott Benedict L 8 Not Just a Soundtrack (Part 2) 107 C (Ontario Convention Center)Silvia Battigalli • Christine Chesnot L 1 New Possibilities, New Practices 100 A (Ontario Convention Center)Tom Welch L 2 Q & A Panel on Comprehensible Input 100 B (Ontario Convention Center)Lee Ann Salkowitz L 3 Reading for All: Building an Accelerated Arabic Reading Program 103 (Ontario Convention Center)Hala Alfi • Lina Kholaki L 4 Range of Spanish 1 Assessments 106 (Ontario Convention Center)Michael Silva L 6 The Common Core as a Roadmap 21st Century Instruction 104B (Ontario Convention Center)Brandon Zaslow L 7 Developing Four Macro-Skills Through Authentic Materials 107 AB (Ontario Convention Center)Maggie Chen L 9 Using Self-Publishing Tools to Write Stories 200 AB (Ontario Convention Center)leigh munoz L10 Using Music with Novice Learners: Lyrics to Communication 200 C (Ontario Convention Center)Nicole Naditz L11 Travel the Globe en Español via Yoga Srytelling 201 AB (Ontario Convention Center)Kelly Morphy L12 Rap in Spanish to Build Fluency on the Quest for Proficiency 202 AB (Ontario Convention Center)Michael Vossen L13 Experience High-Leverage Teaching Practices that Promote Social Actions 203 AB (Ontario Convention Center)Yoshiko Saito-Abbott L14 Team Video Projects Build Language Proficiency and a Growth Mindset 203 C (Ontario Convention Center)Yanan Vrudny L15 Grammar in Context Develop Proficiency 204 (Ontario Convention Center)Nancy Salsig


M 7 Discover Wonders of Chinese Culture (Part 1) 107 AB (Ontario Convention Center)Chung Chou M 9 The Impossible Dream? FLES' Quest for Proficiency with Virtually No Time! (Part 1) 200 AB (Ontario Convention Center)Jason Fritze • Molly Malone • Kelly Morphy L00 CLTA Affiliate Roundtable Discussion (by invitation only) DoubleTree Hotel Room 2122Joseph Pearson M 1 Engage, Connect, and Innovate in Teaching Arabic Through Technology 100 A (Ontario Convention Center)Majd Sarah M 2 15 Digital Projects, Prompts and Rubric 100 B (Ontario Convention Center)Merissa Sadler M 3 Social Justice in World Languages Classroom 103 (Ontario Convention Center)Helene Chan • Yolanda Mercado M 4 Spanish Language and Culture Learning in SPAIN? Why Not? 106 (Ontario Convention Center) M 5 Exploring Ways Adjust the Interagency Language Roundtable Scale in Second Language Research 105 (Ontario Convention Center)Steven Kim • SAEKYUN LEE M 6 Building Proficiency Through Images 104B (Ontario Convention Center)Scott Benedict • R. Clarice Swaney M 8 Enseigner le français à l’aide des multimédias 107 C (Ontario Convention Center)Rose Marie Kuhn • Yevgen Zhernovey M10 Using the Target Language: Create an Immersion Environment Day 1 200 C (Ontario Convention Center)Christine Lanphere M11 Building Cultural Competence: Supporting Study Abroad 201 AB (Ontario Convention Center)Jamin Lynch • Elizabeth Matchett M13 Japanese Supplemental Reading Materials You Can Cusmize! 203 AB (Ontario Convention Center)Yoriko Hongo • Kumiko Sakamoto M14 Common Sense Technology Integration: A Project-Based Learning Approach 203 C (Ontario Convention Center)Adriana Castillo M15 Learning to Describe and Explain the World Around You 204 (Ontario Convention Center)Kim Kanel



N 7 Discover Wonders of Chinese Culture (Part 2) 107 AB (Ontario Convention Center)Chung Chou N 9 The Impossible Dream? FLES' Quest for Proficiency with Virtually No Time! (Part 2) 200 AB (Ontario Convention Center)Jason Fritze • Molly Malone • Kelly Morphy N 1 Content-Based Instruction in the Arabic Language Classroom 100 A (Ontario Convention Center)Zakia Elhadi N 2 Canva and ThingLink Create an Interactive, Proficiency-Based Family Tree 100 B (Ontario Convention Center)Jill Velazquez • Jenn Zanoria N 3 Creative Collaborations: Higher Ed, County Office of Ed, and Local Schools 103 (Ontario Convention Center)Matthew Dean N 5 Freedom of Choice for Homework is Motivational! 105 (Ontario Convention Center)Valerie Morgan N 6 Diagnostic Assessment as a Tool to Improve Language Proficiency 104B (Ontario Convention Center)Tanya de Hoyos N 8 Découvrons les Antilles francophones 107 C (Ontario Convention Center)Anne Jensen N10 Two Tools to Connect Your Students to Language Speakers Around the World 200 C (Ontario Convention Center)Nicole Naditz N11 Fostering Cultural Competence in Language Classrooms 201 AB (Ontario Convention Center)Amelia McCurdy N12 Gifted Students Loving Their Quest for Spanish Proficiency 202 AB (Ontario Convention Center) N13 California Association of Japanese Teachers Association Annual Meeting 203 AB (Ontario Convention Center)Minako Kamimura • Atsuko Kiuchi • Susan Watson N14 Strategies for Engagement in the World Language Classroom 203 C (Ontario Convention Center)Francesca Regalado N15 Check It Off: Get Organized and Transform Your Teaching with a Checklist 204 (Ontario Convention Center)Bethany Thompson


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